Echoes of hope in the cry of the Environment’s Voice: suggestions for Coronavirus prevention.

I join Greta, with the same simplicity as a child with a poster in favor of Life, so I ask you to read this message with the Spirit of Prudence and not Intelligence.

Greta, your cry reached Heaven, and in the face of the avarice of the man who ignored all the calls for the reduction of pollutant gas emissions, control was taken from him and Nature imposed its voice, forcing him to stop his polluting activities, yes the Earth stopped.

So, know that it is not a disgrace, because the Coronavirus joined the voice of the environment to show that it is not the man who is in control, but the voice of Life.

Rejoice in the cry of Victory

I share below, based on my research on Intelligence Technologies in Semiotics, the suggestions sent to the Ministry of Health of Brazil as prevention to Coronavirus.

Fighting Coronavirus

Msc. Laurentino Lucio Filho

Teacher and Master in Technologies of Semiotic Intelligence,

of the Taubaté Institute of College Education

Dear Sirs,

I am a professor of higher education, with a master’s degree in Semiotic Intelligence Technologies, having done independent research and Semiotics pointed out some lines of prevention to the coronavirus to which I sent to the Ministry of Health of Brazil under protocol nº 25072.002618 / 2020-43 which I reproduce below .

Considering that the treatments applied to the symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to those applied palliatively to colds and flu, I present below an alternative proposal of isolation in the care of Coronavirus for the prevention of colds and flu in the following precautions.

With or Without Coronavirus Symptoms

a) Observe the wind in the environment, if it is at the same temperature as the local environment, or below, if below, even if the person feels hot, he must protect himself from the cold wind to prevent the body from cooling (thermal shock).

b) Strengthen immunity from consumption at all meals or between meals, with yam juice, ginger, bay leaf, orange, and whatever

more the creativity of the nutrologists to propose.

c) Keep the body under permanent hydration by taking at least a sip of water every 15 minutes, if already having the flu, intensify hydration.

d) Do not use air conditioning, which I recommend not to use here, as it attacks the airways, exposing us to risk [Not included in the original message]

The Ministry of Health must assess whether there is a need to anticipate the flu vaccination campaign, but, if so, it must consider that the vaccine must act in conjunction with the above treatment, as a way of strengthening the immune system.


Prof. Laurentino Lúcio Filho