Why does God allow death? And would your death be just?

It is already approaching one million people killed by Covid-19, adding to the more than one billion animal and biome deaths in Australia, which is also expected to be added in no less expressive amount, to the holocausts on the East Coast of the United States , and in the Pantanal Mato Grossense, in Indonesia, Asia, leading us to the classic question:

Why does God allow death and suffering so horrible?

The answer to this question is given to us today, Monday, September 28, 2020, through the Daily Missal Liturgy, using our first Reading and that in order to understand it we need to comment step by step:

One day, the children of God presented themselves to the Lord;

among them also Satan (Job, 1-6).

In this preamble, which is not a parable, but the present reality telling us that the justice of God is no respecter of person, not differing in his garden, the children of God and Satan, the just or unjust, because, in amidst wheat, there is also the chaff, then the dialogue continues:

The Lord then said to Satan: ‘Where are you from?’ – ‘I am going to take a walk around the earth,’ he replied. The Lord said to him: ‘Have you noticed my servant Job? There is no equal on earth: he is a man of integrity and integrity, he fears God and turns away from evil ‘(Job 1,7-8).

When paying attention to the question: Did you notice my servant Job? Semiotic Science creates an energetic value for an invitation to man, for him to pay attention that the Servant Job in the form of a question, that is, in fact, the representation of his father’s house, the Garden of God, Paradise, that is, the Earth , who faithfully serves God, figuratively as a responsible father, supports his children.

However, this is contested by Satan, who in the present context could be summed up in the sense of our reality, beginning to accuse Job (the Earth), despises her by placing all his subservience to God only as an exchange for the goods that were accumulated throughout his life, and that his relationship with God, that is, the Earth only responds to God because it is not given beyond the natural reaction of the earth that only responds by the seed of God, even today doubting whether, it is God Himself who places these goods, and not because She would have some relationship of obedience to God as a creature.

Then the Lord said to Satan: ‘Well, all that he has, you can dispose of, but don’t reach out against him’ (Job 1:12).

But everything that the Earth gives and the fruit of Life, and Life does not live with injustice, therefore, within this same Justice, God, in favor of Life under the mantle of Justice in friendship with Job, that is, with Terra, his Garden, in which he pitched his tent, is assured that it will not be shaken, grants to Satan, to act not as a penalty of trial to be borne by Job, but as a way to separate those who are from Life, Wheats, who are friends with God and are preserved in Justice, of those who are from Death, weeds, who are the enemies of Life, as is celebrated in the Liturgy of the Feast of All Saints in which he sings:

And so the generation of those who seek the Lord!

– The Lord belongs to the earth and what it contains, the whole world with the beings that populate it; because he made it firm on the seas, and on the waters he keeps it steadfast.

– “Who will go up to the mountain of the Lord, who will stay in his holy habitation?” “Who has pure hands and an innocent heart, who does not direct his mind to crime.

– Upon this descends the blessing of the Lord and the reward of his God and Savior ”. “This is how the generation of those who seek him is, and the God of Israel seek the face” (Psalm 23 [24]).

From then on, the offending actions to the Garden of God, to the Holy Land begin, starting with those who get drunk in greed, believing that salvation is in the accumulation of goods, and for that, they do not think about the common good. , but only turning to self-interest, they assault the goods of those who believed that the meaning of Life is in the justice of being happy and that no one was born to suffer, but rather for the pleasure of drinking and eating:

Now, on a day when Job’s sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine at the older brother’s house, a messenger came to Job: ‘The oxen were plowing and the mules grazing beside him, when, suddenly, wise men and stole everything, passing the servants to the edge of the sword (Job 1: 13-15).

Although the sons of Job, that is, the men are on Earth, warned of the loss of their property by injustice, did not turn to Justice, as is shown in the news that before the death of Greenland, in the face of the agony of the Sea, no one was touched by the death of God’s creatures, the biomes of the ice, the sea, the forest by the fires in Australia, California, Mato Grosso, not even by the one million of his own brothers in the Coronavirus plague, but, at the first opportunity , with a heart steeped in ingratitude, they continue their cult of selfishness founded on the right to be happy, running to the bars, to the beaches (while there is still left), to the parties.

He was still talking, when another came and said: ‘The fire of God fell from heaven and killed sheep and shepherds, reducing them to ashes (Job 1:16).

The fire of God fell from Heaven, not because he wanted the death of man, but because man, having been elected its administrator, usurped his right, to the point that his wickedness was called the Anthropocene Era, because it changed the laws of God of breeze, for global warming, as a thousand years ago, Saint Francis of Assisi already penitented us:

Consider, O man, in what excellence the Lord God has placed you: he created you and formed you in the image of his Son in terms of the body, and in the likeness of the spirit.

And all the creatures under the sky, each in their own way, serve their creator, know him and obey him better than you do.

And even the demons did not crucify him, but you, with them you crucified and still crucify him, delighting in vices and sins.

What can you then boast about?

5th Ammonition (MATURA, 1999, p. 25)1.

Under the cult that the Earth is just something, goods and happiness of those who can be happy, of those who stole a place in the sun of their neighbors, that is, of the animals, of the biomes, of the seas, of the glaciers, the Earth, as who suffering from a terrible ulcer, suffers the pains of human malice, by the domain of investors, or owners of the governors and their vassals who bear witness to the most painful injustice

The latter was still speaking, when another arrived and said:

‘The Chaldeans, divided into three groups, threw themselves on the camels and took them with them, after passing the servants by the edge of the sword (Jn 1,17).

And in the cult of selfishness founded on the right to be happy, everyone concerned about having fun with restaurants, shopping malls, beaches, was not touched by the pain of the Garden of God, because their human justice is to receive as administrator, and to enslave who serves him, usurping his obedience admonished by São Fransisco when he said: And all the creatures that are under the sky, each in their own way, serve their creator, know him and obey him better than you (MATURA, 1999 , p. 25) do not turn to justice, but run out to the bars, to the beaches (while it still remains), to the parties.

(Harriane Laura – Set/2020 by Yucatam Times)

The latter was still speaking, when another one came and said: ‘Your sons and your daughters were eating and drinking wine in the older brother’s house, when a hurricane rose from the desert bands and launched itself against the four corners of the house, which collapsed on the young people and killed them (Job 1: 18-19).

Nobody looked at the hurricanes in the world these days with a sense of justice against men, even though these phenomena of creatures, obeying God, wanted to draw their attention to the large number of them, to the point that they were used to identify them all. names, that is, from A to Z, making it necessary to use now the Greek alphabet.

So the answer to the questions: Why does God allow death? And, is your death just? You will know how to respond when you look at yourself and conclude whether you “are the generation of those who seek the Lord”, like wheat, or if you are deluded that justice is in the right to be happy (at the cost of the death of others), the tares, therefore, those who do not belong to the generation of those who seek the Lord, will not be killed because God is unjust, but because they chose Death instead of Life.

1MATURA, Thadeé. Pray 15 days with Saint Francis of Assisi. Aparecida: Sanctuary, 1999.

1MATURA, Thadeé. Pray 15 days with Saint Francis of Assisi. Aparecida: Sanctuary, 1999.