The Universe’s seeds

To Distinguished Lawyers;
The Catholic Church;
The National Press;
To the Program of Technologies of Intelligence and Digital Design of PUCSP.

Dear Sirs,

On August 19, 2020, based on the contributions of lawyers from the 229th Sub-Section of OAB-Tremembé-SP, an outline was presented on Life and its entropy (Worship and Liturgy) with creatures, compared to electricity, with the positive poles (matter = [+]) and negative pole (the neutrinos = [-]) in the following terms:

Wheat died, that is, it became a digestion (chemical element) by the atomic element (neutrons), negative, the Cult, which almost seems hidden because it gives the feeling of being a zero, zero, invisible element, but it is truth of what is not seen, because it is real, called clouds, or shadows of the wings of God, seeds, neutrinos or ghostly, neutrinos was a subject of Physics in 2015 when it stood out as a Nobel Prize in Physics (pages 2).

Therefore, when referring to the topic of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, he sought to highlight that it is not a zero or zero element, but with activity, understood in the award-winning research as “matter in neutrinos”.

In recent weeks, neutrinos have again become a matter of symmetry with Fast Radio Burst, as confirmed below:

For over a decade, astronomers have puzzled over the origins of fast radio bursts, brief blasts of radio waves that come mostly from distant galaxies. During that same period, scientists have also detected high-energy neutrinos, ghostly particles from outside the Milky Way whose origins are also unknown. (GROSSMAN, 2020, p. 1)1.

In the same article, the question of neutrinos has become an issue of Astronomical Science in the following terms, verbis:

A new theory suggests that the two enigmatic signals could come from a single cosmic source: highly active and magnetized neutron stars called magnetars. If true, that could fill in the details of how fast radio bursts, or FRBs, occur. However, finding the “smoking gun” — catching a simultaneous neutrino and radio burst from the same magnetar — will be challenging because such neutrinos would be rare and hard to find, says astrophysicist Brian Metzger of Columbia University. He and his colleagues described the idea in a study posted September 1 at

Even so, “this paper gives a possible link between what I think are two of the most exciting mysteries in astrophysics,” says astrophysicist Justin Vandenbroucke of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, who hunts for neutrinos but was not involved in the new work (Ibid.).

Translating scientific language into a popular language, we can consider that neutron stars (negative) can be understood with pulsating winds containing the wisdom of Life, sowing the mysterious seeds that form hair, bones, skin, steel, the sunflower, the rose, the daisy, that is, it spurts in the Universe, the structural elements of the nature of the atoms that will give the quality of each created thing or creature, applying this in yourself, remember that every seven years, all your body structure was renewed by these seeds, because all your cells have been renewed..

The Article considers the mysteries of FRB and Neutrinos as the most exciting in Astrophysics, and we seem to be right about that, when we come across another article that presents the activities of FRB 121102 with the following information:

At the time, a study published by the Royal Astronomical Society, based on data accumulated over five years, reported that the event was repeated every 157 days: 90 active days, emitting pulses, and 67 sleepers. The source of the blast, named FRB 121102, was a dwarf galaxy more than three billion light years from Earth. (DUARTE, 2020, p. 1)2.

When considering these Pulsars through the recent activities of FRB 121102, pulses (activity = liturgy) every 90 days, and rest (the Cult of the Shadows of God) every 67 days, a fractal cycle of 157 days is completed, which under the method of Concordia of the Trappist Monk, Joaquim de Fiore, creates symmetry with the Cultural Collection of Humanity (Revelation 12.14), when he states: time (42 days) + times (84 days) + half a time (21+ 10), since this last fraction is not exact, it represents an unknown date, because no one is given to know the time of God, creating a new real symmetry, and not philosophical, with the Cultural Collection of Humanity on the brevity of this, when it says: when all this starts to happen, lift yourself up and lift your head, for your deliverance is at hand ”(Luke 21,28) ( Lc 21,28).

What is the synchrony between the activities of FRB 121102 and life on Earth?

It is necessary to understand that Life is Art, because the King is the Artificer (Cf. Hebrews 11,10), therefore, it is as if it were a song in binary time, for example From Here to Eternity by Giorgio Moroder3, in which the Pulsars are the drums, counting, 1, 2 … 1, 2 … 1,2 …, and men as their mandatories servants, or administrators, form the balance, dancing to the rhythm of the music 1, 2 … 1, 2 … 1,2…, therefore, they will rock all other creatures and creation, “Show your glory among the nations. Sing to the Lord God a new song”4.

However, until the present time man has not been able to understand this, deluding himself that all the power of the universe is in his own hands, despising Life to rely only on its science, as for example in the following article:

Artificial Intelligence can unravel mysterious signals from Space: Phenomenon known as ‘Fast Radio Bursts’ was only detected after analyzing data from past observations; with the new algorithm, they can be captured in real time (DOURADO, 2019, p1)5.

When he deceives himself that the power of everything is centered on his own intelligence, he moves away from his humanity whose vocation is the administration of the goods of Life to which he was appointed mandatory, to act by himself as a tyrant, usurping the powers to which he was given conferred and becomes inhumane by practicing the most terrible barbarities against creation, moved by the bestiality of an egocentric spirit in which there are no limits to its cruelty, as witnessed in Greenland, India, Australia, California-USA, the Amazon and Mato Grosso in Brazil.

And this is not practiced by this or that, but by the current Humanity, in clearer words, it is being practiced now by ALL OF US, because if we say at this time that we are not criminals, we say that God is a liar and His Word is not in us (Cf 1John, 1,10).

Thus, the activities of the FRBs, especially the FRB 121102, are the drums that mark the final march, inviting us to vote for Life, to recover our vocation as a human and to reject inhumanity, because those who do not march will be destroyed, because , all of this has already started to happen, and we are invited to stand up and raise our heads, because your release from this cruel inhumanity is at hand ”(Lk 21,28), being prudent to turn as soon as possible. because all of this can be confirmed today and there is no more time tomorrow, as in the Sunday Liturgy warning of the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, First Reading:

Seek the Lord, while he may be found; summons him while he is near. Forsake the wicked for his way, and the unjust man for his machinations; return to the Lord, who will have mercy on him, return to our God, who is generous in forgiveness (Isaiah 55,6).

To return to the Lord means to renounce yourself as master of life, in fact, that is, not to remain indifferent, insensitive or silent in the face of your Great Work witnessed in the present, instead, to return, to recognize the Lord as the Lord of your life. life, as this will be a matter of Life or death of each one that makes up Humanity, not escaping anyone, even though he is no longer among those who inhabit the Earth.

Be careful, at that time, not to betray yourself instead of accepting the foreshadowing of Good News, despise it as a threat or tragedy and run away from it, and with that, you will decide to continue serving your work as your king because the flesh he is weak, believing that he is serving the one who made you the Administrator, thinking that his spirit seems ready (cf. Mark 14.38), but in truth, he falls into the trap of the worshipers of Baal, serving him as your lord, and believing to be going back and saving your life, continue in your inhumanity, as Wisdom says: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only what my Father’s will does, that is in heaven ”(Matthew 7.21).

Finally, do not consider this as rhetorical engineering, or argumentative devices, but as a warning from a true friend who wishes you long life and joy in your family.

Laurentino Lúcio Filho

Executor appointed by the Queen’s Apostle signed by the Paraclitus Spirit in the Bidding Process of 27/02/2020 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish of Taubaté-SP – Brazil.

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